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SOLUTIONS      Kingston-Design provides solutions that fit through experience and know how. Kingston-Design is a Kingston family business and is the third generation to provide services, goods, and OEM products to the public. The legacy of providing quality products and services is a tradition that we continue to foster as our next generation steps onto the field.

Expect More

  We are expanding our services with the addition of major key product lines to better serve our clients' needs. Kingston-Design will provide your project or office with the basics as well as the essentials. Whether you are starting a project or upgrading the Corporate office, we can assist you with a variety of tailored products and services that are specialized to suit your specific needs. Customized products are aimed to streamline your operations and provide the edge to stay ahead in todays business market. Browse our site and let us know where your needs and interests are and we will earn your business. 

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Custom Design and Installation

BANDELL1  Kingston-Design is customized to fill your specific power requirements, computing needs, and network demands. We also provide services to the construction industry by way of specialized procurement and logistics packages. We provide product data and pricing information upon request. Due diligence and service before the sale ensure your time and money are well placed.

Under Development

   Kingston-Design is under development and  in the continual process of growing our product lines to better suit the diverse needs of our equally diverse clients. While visiting, if you do not see a particular item, please ask as it may still be on the shelf and not yet out on display. If you have a product, which you think we may be interested in, please follow the contact links provided.